I was born in 1993 in Iran. I am a Music composer, Sound designer & game designer with various experiences ranging from top high-end titles to indie casual and severe games.I like to bring unique ideas to life and develop them.I'm more likely interested in reach story games and adventure experiences. Still, everything about a good game idea makes my brain lamp ON! From simple first-person horror games to the considerable open-world adventure experience.


about :

A soulslike adventure story reach experience designed based on Persian art in Median since the first ruler of the Persia Deioces (647-700 BC) up to the Qajar empire (1794-1925 BC), but the game happens in the period time of the Achaemenid Empire (334-559 BC) and mainly contains all the art style from all the countries in the present time that were part of Persia in the past which is Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Iran,
India, Afghanistan, turkey, etc.

Roles : 

Director, Scripter, Generalist, Level designer, Character designer, 2D art, Sound designer, Music composer


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"RUINED DAY" Is A Triple-Set Story Game About Personal And Real Events That Happened To Us. You Can't Say NO! The Story Is Clear To You Because You Did It! We Did It! The Story Of "Ruined Day" Is About Horror Events That We Did To Ourselves And Each Other. We Are Victims And Killers At The Same  Time! You Can't Find Anyone To Charge For What Happened! We Just Need A Mirror...

Roles : 

Director, Scripter, Generalist, Level Designer, Character Designer, 2D Art, Sound Designer, Music Composer


about :

This Game Is A Fun Project I Made Alone In 2009 When I Was 16. There Is No Particular Concept Or Story.
Just Shoot, Kill, And Advance To The Next Level!

Roles : 

Level Designer, Game Developer



Welcome To A Brutal And Unforgiving PvP Arena Shooter. With A Unique PULSE Wallhack Ability, Camping Is Impossible. Pure Adrenaline, All The Time. A Throwback To A "Golden-Era" Of Classic FPS Games. Do You Have What It Takes? Let's See. Jump In.


Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, Music Composer

Games Mod

In 2005, I started developing graphic mods for classic games like Prince of Persia-wow & Need for Speed-Most Wanted.